Jazz on Governor’s Island

So, after a rough year,  I’ve recently been inspired.
On a day trip to Governor’s Island I went to see a roaring twenties Jazz concert and an amazing view of the Manhattan. I was left with yet another impression of how great New York City is.   (of course having a week break in Vermont didn’t hurt  🙂  )
Here are some photos from an out-of-practice amateur with a fancy camera!
There is just so much to do, to see and so much history, in this, the greatest city in the world.
I plan to  continue to learn on how to improve  my photographic skills and how to edit and get these pictures on the web.
Maybe one day I’ll actually have something printed.  That process is frightening, but I’ll get there.
If you have a chance this summer or next, check out Governor’s Island .  It’s sumthin’


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  1. paula Paterniti January 20, 2018 at 10:11 PM #

    Meg, I loved many of these photos. I happened to visit Governor’s Island during this same event so I appreciate your images. Good Work!

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