Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetray20131019-50_HDR.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-35.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-14.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-27.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-15.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-37.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-39.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-41.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-24.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-5.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-52.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-55.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-6.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-8.jpgGreenwood Cemetray20131019-9.jpg

A cloudy day and another meet-up Photo group.  Not many people showed for this early morning walk through the historic cemetery in Park Slope, Brooklyn.   It didn’t seem eery , although one would think walking around a cemetery would be, but the graves are so very old it makes you wonder about these people and who they were and what their lives were like.    The land is gorgeous, peaceful and wondrous..  Although I often say that I don’t want to be buried, this cemetery made me think twice.  In the heart of Brooklyn with it’s history and beautiful setting, it seemed like it just might be a final resting place, but I’m not ready to think about that now.  However,   I could see those who will come way after me visiting this lovely place and remember who I was or revisiting the stories that they may hear about me .  Maybe this website will still be around and the photos will be a history of my time visiting.

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